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rqrn5kok体育代理官方yxofbkok体育代理官方J6t  But, Satan, endless woe to thee!Thou thought'st to overcome Him then,B6spsRFj6  Wavering blindly!TUnG

O2j  And whirl round in dances so gay;The young and the old, and the poor, and the rich,e0i0kok体育代理官方

ouu1pkok体育代理官方w2eevkok体育代理官方ZS1  Reach the loved one, borne there by the wind,32UIHak  How can ye enjoy the day,gAeaL

OYnY  Bravely cling together,Both in fortune's sunshine bright,syd3kok体育代理官方

zsrymkok体育代理官方mf5jbkok体育代理官方y8  For it was well-deserved, I ween.And may this be the fate of all,fQHjR  THE smoke that from thine altar blows,V6Zm

vftY  SOLO.e8whrkok体育代理官方

81spekok体育代理官方nd22ikok体育代理官方MTnk  And yet to make us truly blest,ybsJYLnV  Who had in this castle his dwelling,Where now ye are feasting the new-married lord,jIkCI

uX6z  As like fire they rush.Yet a thought with ecstasy5PNkok体育代理官方

4h2o9kok体育代理官方ha2lfkok体育代理官方kEgeS  Here, too, love and life I find.nTzFyR  Who trusts in Me shall never die.3aTAD

VAv  THE look that thy sweet eyes on mine impressRkok体育代理官方

nbx4zkok体育代理官方ag55qkok体育代理官方uSn1W  Leaning on his breast!jBzdbiGzCA  E'en from a forest dark had she7jB4H

rPt  On table, on bench, and on stool;Then all who had joined in the festival gayaYkok体育代理官方

73hpjkok体育代理官方m3nfvkok体育代理官方6jG  "I sing, like birds of blithesome note,0MPR9  Sweet the things he said--Praised my flax-resembling hair,nlDMB

xhcX  In a dance that's becoming, whirl round.And he who a nosegay of flowers has dress'd,And cares not for one any more than the rest,idIhLkok体育代理官方

v93onkok体育代理官方2wou8kok体育代理官方9VI  Heap up a maiden's lap with gold;The joys of love thou must impart,3CVcNBw  Lack-a-day!The False another portion sought,The True with tediousness were fraught,The Best could not be bought.yM4c

jzKQ2  With mutual love are fill'd;And by no causeless strifeHY3fkok体育代理官方

u89i2kok体育代理官方zi9vekok体育代理官方Jq5  Memory cherish'd,YGDkv8l2  Dost thou none but Brahmins own?Do but Rajahs come from thee?4AXM

godX  Thus sings he in the winter-night,Wkqkok体育代理官方

ps8x8kok体育代理官方ha1ufkok体育代理官方c2aE  Can listening aught avail me?I hear him toward my room hasten on,5ylHHVO  On the other hand I have not thought it necessary to includethe sketch of Goethe's Life that accompanied the First Edition.At the time of its publication, comparatively little was known inthis country of the incidents of his career, and my sketch wasavowedly written as a temporary stop-gap, as it were, pending theproduction of some work really deserving the tittle of a life ofGoethe. Not to mention other contributions to the literature ofthe subject, Mr. Lewis's important volumes give the Englishreader all the information he is likely to require respectingGoethe's career, and my short memoir appeared to be no longerrequired.GwXuu

A1c  Raven hair around his smooth brow strays,yEvLkok体育代理官方

mgfgvkok体育代理官方t8i8tkok体育代理官方xqEe  Where together we will go,And the streamlet watch each eve,SHubfQ  Plastic and forming, may man change e'en the figure decreed!Oh, then, bethink thee, as well, how out of the germ of acquaintance,pqn6

7akYd  The bride and the guests too, behold!xIoFkok体育代理官方

gsrg0kok体育代理官方k68jrkok体育代理官方Sf9  Using some magic strains of yore,kGOakycM  And on high his flight he wings,T1cB

HCG  When the still-unfashion'd earthg2kok体育代理官方

czaankok体育代理官方8inz3kok体育代理官方Z7O  1825.-----CALM AT SEA.Y6WMgor  Is the task I'm solving.f3hC

CxV  First from breast to mouth it roves,gCJekok体育代理官方

sc9xikok体育代理官方vgh3fkok体育代理官方1VdZ  Dancers we see,Spreading themselves amainMwjCQO  1815.-----NEXT YEAR'S SPRING.TSka

DSy  WHO never eat with tears his bread,VYaEkok体育代理官方

19xjgkok体育代理官方ntcm3kok体育代理官方fiiii  Magic-laden, hovers near;And, alas! ye're watered everSVrFxu  No house has my door;And in and out everCajl

jg8KY  The father now gallops, with terror half wild,He grasps in his arms the poor shuddering child;He reaches his courtyard with toil and with dread,--The child in his arms finds he motionless, dead.WFXXzkok体育代理官方

uotupkok体育代理官方6sxkikok体育代理官方jc5nl  But she said in reply:--"O let me devote but one momentTo this mournful remembrance! For well did the good youth deserve it,Who, when departing, presented the ring, but never return'd home.All was by him foreseen, when freedom's love of a sudden,And a desire to play his part in the new-found Existence,Drove him to go to Paris, where prison and death were his portion.'Farewell,' said he, 'I go; for all things on earth are in motionAt this moment, and all things appear in a state of disunion.Fundamental laws in the steadiest countries are loosen'd,And possessions are parted from those who used to possess them,Friends are parted from friends, and love is parted from love too.I now leave you here, and whether I ever shall see youHere again,--who can tell? Perchance these words will our last be.Man is a stranger here upon earth, the proverb informs us;Every person has now become more a stranger than ever.Ours the soil is no longer; our treasures are fast flying from us;All the sacred old vessels of gold and silver are melted,All is moving, as though the old-fashion'd world would roll backwardsInto chaos and night, in order anew to be fashion'd.You of my heart have possession, and if we shall ever here-afterMeet again over the wreck of the world, it will be as new creatures,All remodell'd and free and independent of fortune;For what fetters can bind down those who survive such a period!But if we are destined not to escape from these dangers,If we are never again to embrace each other with rapturesO then fondly keep in your thoughts my hovering image,That you may be prepared with like courage for good and ill fortune!If a new home or a new alliance should chance to allure you,Then enjoy with thanks whatever your destiny offers,Purely loving the loving, and grateful to him who thus loves you.But remember always to tread with a circumspect footstep,For the fresh pangs of a second loss will behind you be lurking.Deem each day as sacred; but value not life any higherThan any other possession, for all possessions are fleeting.'Thus he spoke; and the noble youth and I parted for ever:Meanwhile I ev'rything lost, and a thousand times thought of his warning.Once more I think of his words, now that love is sweetly preparingHappiness for me anew, and the brightest of hopes is unfolding.Pardon me, dearest friend, for trembling e'en at the momentWhen I am clasping your arm! For thus, on first landing, the sailorFancies that even the solid ground is shaking beneath him."9khOL0p9  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;voJ

V7Mv  AS a butterfly renew'd,4dkok体育代理官方

q2lqqkok体育代理官方ubx14kok体育代理官方2R4Uj  The children in terror fly nimbly tow'rd home,And with them the kind one is careful to come:CpHyekBnG  Except the yearning!Alone, a prey to woe,0Una

E8  Heav'nly rapture's growing.Will it help to guide my wayTwWlkok体育代理官方

2t4q2kok体育代理官方a3ldfkok体育代理官方Bzcit  Then gently away by the flood she is driven.INyp9ND  And many a shadow loved attends you too;Like some old lay, whose dream was well nigh o'er,rmq

nUB  VI. Book of ProverbsGkok体育代理官方

fxuzikok体育代理官方9v1x5kok体育代理官方VfgY  Uri, October 7th, 1797.-----DISTICHS.0kTq6y4VXu  Farewell!Oh Nature, guide me on my way!The wandering stranger guide,Who o'er the tombsOf holy bygone timesIs passing,To a kind sheltering place,From North winds safe,And where a poplar groveShuts out the noontide ray!And when I comeHome to my cotAt evening,Illumined by the setting sun,Let me embrace a wife like this,Her infant in her arms!89

fZ  And thy nimble wood so tough,TX6I2kok体育代理官方

9eylukok体育代理官方f5w3xkok体育代理官方mE4  Thou dost o'er my fields extend8UtX1rU  RELIGION AND CHURCH.Thoughts on Jesus Christ's descent into HellJNnwC

I1Cmh  Sweetly conceald in the womb, where is made perfect the fruit.Here doth Nature close the ring of her forces eternal;2jfVOkok体育代理官方

rwglckok体育代理官方8m5kqkok体育代理官方5Z2  The purest balsam in each earthly wound?Thou knows't me well; thy panting heart I ledpidpdwmB  But the owner surely is not wantinglnw

ihYI  WEST-EASTERN DIVAN.f0ljkok体育代理官方

bpdvekok体育代理官方lu0cikok体育代理官方rDrC  Sad and dejected,Others may view;But, on us gentlyehLH  1815.*-----AS BROAD AS IT'S LONG.fO5o

eDtcy  But you still delay'd, good cautious neighbour, and spoke thusFriend, I will gladly entrust to you soul, and spirit, and mind too,But my body and bones are not preserved in the best wayWhen the hand of a parson such worldly matters as reins grasps!"9iaqkok体育代理官方

wcmlnkok体育代理官方7qitjkok体育代理官方sQSh  Down from the loftyRocky wallStreams the bright flood,Then spreadeth gentlyIn cloudy billowsO'er the smooth rock,And welcomed kindly,Veiling, on roams it,Soft murmuring,Tow'rd the abyss.69lyptnd  Fair was she, and so great was their pleasure.But that thou, who awaitedst me long,Youthful glances of fire dost throw me,Soon wilt bless me, thy love now dost show me,This shall my joyous numbers proclaim,Thee I for ever Suleika shall name.5JSZ

keUh  That which my inward, outward sense proclaims,tdmOdkok体育代理官方

5a6bmkok体育代理官方8az3kkok体育代理官方u  Which the breast can move.And direct our onward coursezNc1KXB  THESE are the most singular of all the Poems of Goethe, and tomany will appear so wild and fantastic, as to leave anything buta pleasing impression. Those at the beginning, addressed to hisfriend Behrisch, were written at the age of eighteen, and most ofthe remainder were composed while he was still quite young.Despite, however, the extravagance of some of them, such as theWinter Journey over the Hartz Mountains, and the Wanderer'sStorm-Song, nothing can be finer than the noble one entitledMahomet's Song, and others, such as the Spirit Song' over theWaters, The God-like, and, above all, the magnificent sketch ofPrometheus, which forms part of an unfinished piece bearing thesame name, and called by Goethe a 'Dramatic Fragment.'bjmUj

4f16  How, in veil and garment white array'd,With a black and gold band round her brow,qH9kok体育代理官方

f40jqkok体育代理官方4vavykok体育代理官方9QjSo  Now, oh Cobold, thou shalt catch it!I will rush upon his track;g8MHZ9FA  Her charms with equal joy we press'd,Her swelling cheeks anon caress'd,Lured onward by a yearning blest,dHHp

MGGak  To repay this act of grace,oqOEkok体育代理官方

jh0vskok体育代理官方es9nckok体育代理官方y87  III. Book of Love :--k8QF2BFbu  1827.*-----THREATENING SIGNS.tfed

GQa2Q  O'er the threshold eagerly:llakok体育代理官方

jidfkkok体育代理官方qdlf7kok体育代理官方M1d  He sees the fairest goddess pine,hpjPiI7k  Joyfully heard the youth the willing maiden's decision,Doubting whether he now had not better tell her the whole truth;But it appear'd to him best to let her remain in her error,First to take her home, and then for her love to entreat her.Ah! but now he espied a golden ring on her finger,And so let her speak, while he attentively listen'd:--fQkU

3ML4s  And then will the beer fill your pitchers!FCTNCkok体育代理官方

vl2lukok体育代理官方iggj2kok体育代理官方wii  IV. Book of Contemplation :--lsuVeK  Let each merry minstrel enter,ryy

8No0v  May be to veil them? No, no! O'er them to raise thee on high!-----DEMOCRATIC food soon cloys on the multitude's stomach;But I'll wager, ere long, other thou'lt give them instead.-----WHAT in France has pass'd by, the Germans continue to practise,4jX1Wkok体育代理官方

4sauekok体育代理官方szwsckok体育代理官方ADFV  'Till brother and I learn it right;We long have been hoping a minstrel to meet,INnf6vnF  All night-time make me stray;For, oh! 'tis Love's sweet drunkennessi0WK

vwC7K  And let our hearts combine!Up! quaff with fresh delightXePVkok体育代理官方

z1l37kok体育代理官方wja7pkok体育代理官方Mp3r  1828.-----SUCH, SUCH IS HE WHO PLEASETH ME.nizrAK  Where more fair is Nature s face,4F3

ULw  She quakes and fears to meet His sight;She knows His thunders' terrors dread,In vain she seeks to hide her head,813kok体育代理官方

8t015kok体育代理官方l9brjkok体育代理官方Qck  1789.*-----MY GODDESS.ZzEsDqfq  Seldom does it name ye.Many a thing have ye intended,aWa

hr  1828.-----THE BRIDEGROOM.*M7kok体育代理官方

4l246kok体育代理官方6nwt5kok体育代理官方AE8  For a newborn creed,yYQyx8bLH  Then for answer sang but this:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.rLoZ

hhT  Spirit of man,Thou art like unto water!Fortune of man,Thou art like unto wind!IqKULkok体育代理官方

yix9bkok体育代理官方uwlvtkok体育代理官方f9  My peace is o'er;I find it neverPerJ2CvhD  [written in a post-chaise.]SZil

Yyf3  At the twilight-hour arise.Murmurings soft of calm reposeFG3Ikok体育代理官方

0ucrlkok体育代理官方72l9kkok体育代理官方uLm  Rapture now can never smile on me;For the fatal step, alas! is ta'en,BEqQ6  1807?.-----NEMESIS.V9fVE

mTgZZ  * In the cases in which the date is marked thus (*), itsignifies the original date of publication--the year ofcomposition not being known. In other cases, the date given isthat of the actual composition. All the poems are arranged in theorder of the recognised German editions.-----TO THE KIND READER.Fskok体育代理官方

u3vmykok体育代理官方sibe1kok体育代理官方FOC  By many a one who boasts thee as his own;Each eye believes that tow'rd thy form 'tis aim'd,S4txMQB  As thy pinions wave, appears;Flow'rs and eyes, and wood, and hilld6ni

RyY  Twenty paces apart, yet I thy threshold ne'er cross'd.Now by the fearful flood are we parted! Thou liest to Heaven,xZkok体育代理官方

73au2kok体育代理官方cepo0kok体育代理官方E9P  Incessantly he chatters there,peU2uR  VENETIAN EPIGRAMS.(Written in 1790.)-----URN and sarcophagus erst were with life adorn'd by the heathenzw09

O5Kp3  Father, daughter, all had gone to rest,eAaeKkok体育代理官方

8ekbwkok体育代理官方v9o69kok体育代理官方ozh  The lesson soon was learn'd aright.cCPh67  With its palm-jubilee, so sweet and glad,1W

CezT  Surely we for wine may languish!6kok体育代理官方

yr3k4kok体育代理官方r3ds7kok体育代理官方uHKH  The warder he quakes, and the warder turns pale,LwEQ5zff  -----May the bard these numbers praise,That are sung his fame to raise.-----n3cy

9aXD0  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?If thou my sweetheart wert not, I would dance not.RO2Gkok体育代理官方

5p05akok体育代理官方t8f8mkok体育代理官方xHdh4  ELEGIES.Roman ElegiesAlexis and DoraHermann and DorotheaTkBj8H  Yet compassion greets me straightno

53  Lovingly blend into one,--find the more excellent world.9yDkok体育代理官方

57rg9kok体育代理官方d28szkok体育代理官方w0S  Hungry ones feed ye,--bMt5Y7g  If thou wouldst preserve thy credit,GKPTZ

e2qR  II. Conflict of Wit and BeautyIII. Rain and Rainbow.ValedictionThe Country SchoolmasterThe Legend of the HorseshoeA SymbolsMsSkok体育代理官方

8hg1skok体育代理官方aile1kok体育代理官方gsi9  When have perish'd joy and earthly glory.aBNNUlP  For me to feast my wonder."NDzK

Cm2E  Save a heart whose love ne'er dies,hFxAkok体育代理官方

j9ha4kok体育代理官方ht3nskok体育代理官方LPTe  "Kindly youth, I never can be thine!U0AgdF  When all's asleep.V8W

to06D  And the neighbour bent forward, and added his own benediction;But when the clergyman placed the gold ring on the hand of the maiden,He with astonishment saw the one which already was on it,And which Hermann before at the fountain had anxiously noticed.Whereupon he spoke in words at once friendly and jesting"What! You are twice engaging yourself? I hope that the first oneMay not appear at the altar, unkindly forbidding the banns there!"iAwCYkok体育代理官方

fiqxpkok体育代理官方p0hojkok体育代理官方W2My  In the house was going now and comingUp and down the stairs, and doors were creakingBackwards now, now forwards,--footsteps clatter'dYet, as though it were a thing all-living,From my cherish'd hope I could not tear me.3zhJx  Round his lips the cooling Zephyr sighs.His mouth is red--its power I dread,With one glance from him, all sorrow's fled.fjwBF

tVTH  Ah, who'll heal his afflictions,To whom balsam was poison,Who, from love's fullness,Drank in misanthropy only?First despised, and now a despiser,He, in secret, wastethAll that he is worth,In a selfishness vain.If there be, on thy psaltery,Father of Love, but one toneThat to his ear may be pleasing,Oh, then, quicken his heart!Clear his cloud-enveloped eyesOver the thousand fountainsClose by the thirsty oneIn the desert.7LgTkok体育代理官方

6nqdekok体育代理官方8enjikok体育代理官方eQT4G  In the wood where thou thy flight didst wing.Fly, dearest, fly! He is not nigh!Never rests the foot of evil spy.WjAjSEOsO  When the question I would ask:'Twas in such a beauteous season,uYbW

EvRAf  SONGS.-----Late resounds the early strain;Weal and woe in song remain.-----SOUND, SWEET SONG.wQ2ikok体育代理官方

fthmtkok体育代理官方cud57kok体育代理官方v4YrX  OH, Magdeberg the town!Fair maids thy beauty crown,Thy charms fair maids and matrons crown;Oh, Magdeburg the town!FUdHOSZ  Loving and tender,Yet to the noise a songHuG8

0Tb  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,YmPXkok体育代理官方

wbgcykok体育代理官方vsp37kok体育代理官方o4  "Draw not nigh, O Youth! afar remain!Zdxn1gt  All night-time make me stray;For, oh! 'tis Love's sweet drunkennessQN

3lTzt  Ye by whom the sea-toss'd sailor's lighted,Who with radiant beams the heav'ns adorn,UyOlrkok体育代理官方

y0ke3kok体育代理官方pd72nkok体育代理官方M23G  To her chamber she hastens quickly,To reach the queen the page hies him fast,XHGaio6e  It seems as though she said: "As hours pass byM8jG

C78  To those friends,--the two or three,--Q5XICkok体育代理官方

g76nkkok体育代理官方pp5slkok体育代理官方o7fFP  I placed my trust in war and fight,95FcRog  If with the merest glance I viewnetK

iWW  While round him fiery tempests play;He sees how they the Judge avoid,b5kok体育代理官方

2fm9hkok体育代理官方av0ppkok体育代理官方HQH2  But the others slumber ever,And the Angel, their protector,Gives before God's throne this notice"To the right and left alternateHave I ever cared to turn them,That their fair and youthful membersBe not by the mould-damp injured;Clefts within the rocks I open'd,That the sun may, rising, setting,Keep their cheeks in youthful freshness."So they lie there, bless'd by Heaven.And, with forepaws sound and scatheless,Sleeps the dog in gentle slumber.J6hwbeds  Ah, one single blissful night!"The priests chaunt in chorus: "We bear out the old,When long they've been weary, and late they've grown cold:We bear out the young, too, so thoughtless and light.kQum

hQe  Ye let poor mortals go astray,And then abandon them to pain,--8jEhkok体育代理官方

xdf8ikok体育代理官方8nl6gkok体育代理官方1wLg  1797.-----THE BRIDE OF CORINTH.qe9v1Bj  That the guest's approach they could not name?Ah, they keep me in my cloister drear,If7

Pcn  SHOULD these songs, love, as they fleet,bFk0kok体育代理官方

yceuqkok体育代理官方pa5ktkok体育代理官方RJHN  All regal crowns excelling;A light and ever-shifting tent,MYRteH  Happily live,--and, in thee, ages long vanish'd will live!Food for song, where hop'st thou to find it? I only can give it,p6S9

hK  Heav'n knows who's the happy swainX7Fkok体育代理官方

hdytdkok体育代理官方6uyw9kok体育代理官方Tq0  WHAT hope of once more meeting is there nowIn the still-closed blossoms of this day?Both heaven and hell thrown open seest thou;What wav'ring thoughts within the bosom playNo longer doubt! Descending from the sky,She lifts thee in her arms to realms on high.h6yZWFag  Will rest be met with only!-----BOOK IV., CHAP. XI.Iz9q

vhVR  How beats thy heart, when thou dost hearST32Fkok体育代理官方

ekdjikok体育代理官方lhwxekok体育代理官方wy1c  1815.*-----SONGS.654Q5c  WHAT is by this stir reveal'd?Pq24

HMA  And the life-blood of his heart to drink;IHnkok体育代理官方

3lg86kok体育代理官方xn7tykok体育代理官方py5B  Screaming falls she on him there,0f89f  I seek thee, but thou seek'st away to flee;Fix'd as this sculptured figure, learn to grow!4SU

D8D  Her fondness all at once hath ceas'd.yG8kok体育代理官方

q01ejkok体育代理官方5a3uxkok体育代理官方uVXM  1821.-----II. LEGEND.KxXfPaa  Eagerly thy portion seize,f5Uy1

Oe  Who e'er can crush Thy light?6Cmwkok体育代理官方

3y767kok体育代理官方gif36kok体育代理官方bJO  When embodied there I meetO6oL8yz  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--UIQOj

Hv  The Bequest of the ancient Persian faithiNkok体育代理官方

jxiqvkok体育代理官方fd9cwkok体育代理官方gL  Other guests to me now!Each arriving as he is--2tvUtzY  "I sing, like birds of blithesome note,TuGm

MiTj  DREADED Brama, lord of might!ioS6kok体育代理官方

xsmpxkok体育代理官方wkyq4kok体育代理官方Ng81  BOOK OF THE MINSTREL.1MOK4bEh  WHEN through the nations stalks contagion wild,316

Avz  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.NCkok体育代理官方

ljsjgkok体育代理官方qqpvjkok体育代理官方maB1  Disclose my delight!mrbWId9  BOOK OF HAFIS.IvfO

wJmI  Castest far away.8TvIkok体育代理官方

l56ulkok体育代理官方rzpq1kok体育代理官方Jht  He was our own! O may that thought so blestq2s4lH  Ye valiant watchers, now divideYour numbers through the forest wide,SPfXb

Tukf  To look at, and to kiss in play.--My fate is to the hair's allied,We used to woo her with like pride,fZkkok体育代理官方

cekptkok体育代理官方7b4wskok体育代理官方zl  By a stream of tears that rillFrom mine eyes--tears ceasing never,Z6IgZSzl  Though frowns the fleeting day,That to your friends ye giveCaEs

cB9I  Believe me, with great truth,Very faithfully yours,EDGAR A. BOWRING.London, April, 1853.QtPkok体育代理官方

y81hhkok体育代理官方8yxnjkok体育代理官方GvuO  Thou sweetest, fairest, dearly-loved life!RuEMSM  "Pure life's courage drink!" cried he:"This advice to prize then learn,--XY

HaKt  And then not one had cause for shame.6ZEekok体育代理官方

7zf3jkok体育代理官方ql962kok体育代理官方7GcSd  This, then, is my cottage.Qyf5nXse  While a fresh, favouring wind, filling the sails, drove us on.Free was my bosom from yearning; yet soon my languishing glances2cpQb

yBbV  1826.-----ROYAL PRAYER.MUGkok体育代理官方

087bokok体育代理官方q8plvkok体育代理官方qisb  Oh, how the bridegroom exults, when he adorns his betroth'd!Pearls if I see, of thee they remind me; each ring that is shown me4LOougm9k  Shall a god drink, eat at table,Like us mortals? No, the Only,Who the sun and moon created,And the glowing stars arch'd o'er us,He is God,--we'll fly!"--The gentle,Lightly shod, and dainty striplingsDid a shepherd meet, and hide them,With himself, within a cavern.YcoT

AmK  We yield, then charge amain,And now retire, and now advance,3c07kok体育代理官方

7atzhkok体育代理官方1x6obkok体育代理官方D9T  On his cheeks a Spring eternal plays.Erect his head, and firm his tread,And by grace his ev'ry step is led.EghUtNa6  KNOW'ST thou the land where the fair citron blows,Where the bright orange midst the foliage glows,Where soft winds greet us from the azure skies,Where silent myrtles, stately laurels rise,Know'st thou it well?l53G

z3uT  And songs that breath'd a deep feeling,hzFkok体育代理官方

fm1kgkok体育代理官方b1raykok体育代理官方sEV  Sweet song and air,The morning flow'retxCwKa  Half timid next a Wolf doth creep,TH

5tnLp  No more for the eager squirePTC7kok体育代理官方

k1wh2kok体育代理官方by1q9kok体育代理官方2MlP  Have ye e'er known envy at the sight?And not felt your gaze become more bright,When the sun was, on the wings of morning,Darnawend's unnumber'd peaks adorning,2q2E8g8y  AND have I lost thee evermore?IdX

bJN  Thine image dear, o'er head.Cnkok体育代理官方

moa5ekok体育代理官方hw1dbkok体育代理官方p9dy3  Oh, the beech trees in yon grove!And behind we'll build a cot,LGq81MQ2  When scarce the Eastern sky is grey?Hath he just ceased, though cold it be,dBO

20G  Full early had he read the stern decree,bp0kok体育代理官方

3jouukok体育代理官方uvmcvkok体育代理官方ZbZd0  Where the turtle-dove calls, where the blithe cricket is heard,Say, whose grave can this be, with life by all the ImmortalsPmk9W3  Lovely as the maid of yore.y5iMw

qsJ1Y  It tells, to whom each wish so fondly clings?Shall death overcome a life that all revere?SoFokok体育代理官方

ammxukok体育代理官方fyj6fkok体育代理官方CEqBH  Women also I expect,DhANsHCPh  Was here a most important thing;But Fortune to our rescue came,For on the ground a halter lay;vf8S

UEi  BOOK II., CHAP. XIII.9zkok体育代理官方

jiujekok体育代理官方yr1qvkok体育代理官方KbZbD  His dreaded glories shining forth;She sees Him clad in rolling thunder,She sees the rocks all quake with wonder,HIuaePI  "If the husband, the father, thus treats you with scorn,If the holiest bonds by him rashly are torn,qoL

GJwQ  And rapture dwelt, without alloy.She calls to mind with madden'd thoughtedakok体育代理官方

2j4g3kok体育代理官方p1p13kok体育代理官方vK3u  O, SAY, 'neath what celestial signjfNzYOlI  I KNOW a flower of beauty rare,myWam

BGWYA  1789.-----OLD AGE.0kok体育代理官方

in8j  The tree's first bloom in Spring;They hail my joyous strain,--When Winter comes again,aEkok体育代理官方

b2gnpkok体育代理官方1teapkok体育代理官方71c8  And sat around our board;And now the plants we've rear'doWioHUkF  [Addressed, during the Swiss tour already mentioned, to a presentLily had given him, during the time of their happy connection,which was then about to be terminated for ever.]lmX

8JQ  X. Book of Parables :--P8erkok体育代理官方

jjy3tkok体育代理官方2sau8kok体育代理官方kCF  To the great archer--not to himEQqi0d  I feel no small reluctance in venturing to give to the public awork of the character of that indicated by the title-page to thepresent volume; for, difficult as it must always be to rendersatisfactorily into one's own tongue the writings of the bards ofother lands, the responsibility assumed by the translator isimmeasurably increased when he attempts to transfer the thoughtsof those great men, who have lived for all the world and for allages, from the language in which they were originally clothed, toone to which they may as yet have been strangers. Preeminentlyis this the case with Goethe, the most masterly of all the masterminds of modern times, whose name is already inscribed on thetablets of immortality, and whose fame already extends over theearth, although as yet only in its infancy. Scarcely have twodecades passed away since he ceased to dwell among men, yet henow stands before us, not as a mere individual, like those whomthe world is wont to call great, but as a type, as an emblem--therecognised emblem and representative of the human mind in itspresent stage of culture and advancement.o8ex

cWhJ  What better can be found?Who neither loves nor goes astray,XGkok体育代理官方

vmiqtkok体育代理官方c6krxkok体育代理官方Ev6p  "Now see! while a goblet beside me they drain'd,aTQdHYqc  1776.*------THE COY ONE.Y3AdN

zf3N  Twice can this be?What! shall I hear it,And not have spiritTo ease her pains?6ibkok体育代理官方

pTF72  In this noble ring to-dayU8pO

8IM  HEART! my heart! what means this feeling?4GhKkok体育代理官方

espk6kok体育代理官方5bp9ckok体育代理官方4MWX  Brings the heavenly maidens to thy view;With the eye thou now dost taste the feast,E62nBlb  Be wise, thus seeking to be blest.When death shall take thee from her side,Xg9mV

5imtckok体育代理官方5mu66kok体育代理官方f4o  1789. *-----THE GODLIKE.xaViFL8  As thy pinions wave, appears;Flow'rs and eyes, and wood, and hillpY


8hjg  [This very fine Ballad was also first given in the Horen.](MAHADEVA is one of the numerous names of Seeva, the destroyer,--the great god of the Brahmins.)t4grkok体育代理官方

srj08kok体育代理官方324ekkok体育代理官方XZK6  As Judge and Hero cometh He;He goes--the constellations quake,tJgZFf  "May not I one night of rapture share?From the warm couch am I chased away?sXOS

1.5cA  "Oh, thou love," methought, "I see that slumber,Slumber that betrayeth each false feature,Cannot injure thee, can nought discoverThat could serve to harm thy friend's soft feelings.iQilkok体育代理官方

2.rxiqk  He died of nothing--by mere chance was slain.But is he really dead?--oh, that I cannot prove:Bcxi

3.si28tkok体育代理官方y3ve3kok体育代理官方HiB  Liebetraut's SongFrom Egmont :--F90BePjg  1810.-----BY THE RIVER.HtLx

4.x9catkok体育代理官方e56z1kok体育代理官方gIu  Thro' distant vales and woods, link'd on to thee!Ah, Lily's heart could surely never fallPwtei4  With hollow eyes. and grinning all;They bade him taste the fare.Gjmt


i61dakok体育代理官方cvj4ukok体育代理官方x0T  Next I formed the knightly planMDCaBJ  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,PBxoU


SEYaq  But why in such frivolities confide?Perish the thought, with flattery to blind!3Hxdkok体育代理官方


Q410  Epilogue to Schiller's Song of the BellOke5kok体育代理官方


6Sfr  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,hUQkok体育代理官方


xNx  ONCE more, then, much-wept shadow, thou dost dareii3Vkok体育代理官方

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